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Hydraulic modelling and calibration measurements

Hydraulic pipe network calculation serves as a basis for identifying risk indicators and for increasing efficiency and optimizing the operation of water and gas supply systems with regard to renovations and expansions. The SETEC result of each pipe network calculation, the interpretation with independent consulting services, is an essential basis for decisions in any sustainable investment planning.

Due to the solid and successful approach over decades, SETEC Engineering takes over the planning guarantee for the developed measures.

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Hydraulic model preparations

The creation of the calculation model according to DVGW 303 includes the recording of the pipeline network on the basis of digital and/or analog data, as well as the characteristic data of the important plant components (elevated tanks, pressure increase and reduction plants, extraction and feed-in plants).

Flow and pressure measurements

Through targeted sampling via hydrants or wash outs etc. significant differences in pressure and flow conditions are created for the subsequent calibration of the calculation model (water networks). For gas networks, the recording of pressure and flow conditions is carried out over a period of approximately one month. A weak and a strong load situation are evaluated.

Calibration hydraulic model

Comparison calculation for the calibration of the hydraulic model: A prerequisite for the reliability of simulation calculations of a calculation model is complete and correct pipe network data. On the basis of the measurement results of the pressure and flow measurement, the calculation model is calibrated by comparing the calculation results with the measurement results (determination of material-specific roughness, proof of the correctness of the important pipe diameters and connections of the pipes. Detection of possible punctual resistances such as accidentally throttled or closed gate valves, functionality of pressure reducing valves in case of load).

Simulation model

Application of the calibrated simulation model: The actual state of the supply system is evaluated by the following simulation calculations. Meaningful optimization or expansion measures can then be worked out in various scenarios by means of simulation calculations and variant comparisons. The simulation with variant comparison is used for the conceptual planning of expansion and maintenance measures and as a basis for renovation and renewal planning, also for the required reinvestment plan.

Proposal on fire protection: Fire water from hydrants for ground and object protection.


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