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International Consulting

SETEC works worldwide in the field of water supply and sanitation.

With the local branches in Albania and Serbia, a regional focus is on Southeast Europe. Since SETEC was founded, more than 100 consulting projects in over 50 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia have been successfully managed.

Our services

Feasibility studies

Problem analysis, solution concepts and elaboration of variants with the inclusion of technical, administrative, economic and social components. Elaboration of Environmental Social Impact Assessments (ESIA). Financing concepts and tariff models. The results are the basis for the selection of investment measures.

Design and tender

Conceptual and detailed planning of water and sewer networks, plants, pumping stations, wells and spring catchments including cost estimates and obtaining permits. Preparation of tender documents for supplies and services (FIDIC, PRAG etc.), evaluation of offers, preparation of contract documents and handling of supply contracts (acceptance, invoicing and quality control).

Site supervision

Construction supervision for drinking water and sewage systems and plants, invoicing, acceptance and handover to the customer. Support of the customer during the defects notification period.

Capacity building and institutional strengthening

Development of management and operation (M&O) concepts, training and education, development and implementation of management information systems (MIS), tariff models and institutional support.

Water loss analysis and reduction

  • Leak detection, flow and pressure measurement
  • Determination of water losses
  • Water balance and NRW
  • Water Loss Reduction strategies and plans
  • OM procedures and plans
  • Installation of District Metering Areas (DMA)
  • Training and Workshops


  • SETEC Engineering GmbH

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    9020 Klagenfurt, Austria

  • +43 463 5808-5

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SETEC Engineering provides customised solutions for public and private water utilities.