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Our Philosophy

Water is precious! Drinking water is a scarce and valuable ressource in many parts of the world, the available reserves must be used carefully.

In our modern society the regular supply of clean drinking water is often taken for granted. Yet it has to be pumped to our homes and businesses via pipelines and rapidly disposed of after use. 

Many people are hardly aware that energy and various technologies are required for the production, treatment and supply of water or that efficient management is essential for a sustainable water supply. In many regions, water shortages occur not only due to insufficient water production, but also to poor operation and maintenance.

Efficient water management starts with an assessment of the current status and a system analysis. In addition to locating and repairing leaks, the planning documents must be brought up to date, consumption measurements and functional testing must be carried out. In addition to regular and professional maintenance of the supply system, a cost-covering water price must be determined.

For more than 30 years, SETEC has been supporting its customers worldwide to ensure a sustainable water supply.

Due to its reliable and high-quality services, SETEC has established itself not only in Austria and Germany, but also internationally in the field of water supply.

SETEC is aware that in many countries of the world an insufficient drinking water supply does not allow people to live a dignified life. Therefore, and because water is valuable, SETEC offers its comprehensive water expertise worldwide.

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SETEC Engineering provides customised solutions for public and private water utilities.