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Software package NESEI
Hydraulic pipe network analysis

NESEI (NEtwork analysis Setec International) is a software package consisting of several subprograms for hydraulic simulation and analysis of water and gas supply networks.

System requirements

Windows 7 to Windows 10, recommended 64 bit, main memory at least 16 Gbyte.

The data is managed with a SQL database (Microsoft SQL Server2014)

The pipeline network is managed in several generations (scenarios):

  • Calibration of the computation model.
  • Current: to evaluate the performance of the actual state.
  • Extension 1 to extension x: for the development of the extension or optimization measures.


  • SHAPE Import: For comfortable transfer of GIS data by 2D polylines to the main lines (file type 3) and points (file type 1) for hydrants.
  • DWG Import: Transfer of the line route and possibly of dimension and material data, if the information is stored in different layers (e.g. 100PVC).
  • Import of GIS data via the STANET interface.
  • Import of EPANET projects.
  • Shape Export pipe network data.
  • Shape Export hydrant calculation.

AutoCAD or BricsCAD in the current versions can be integrated as graphic interface

The graphical editor (CAD) is used for the administration of the supply network and for efficient input/output as well as communication with the NESEI hydraulic database. The background is the digital field map and/or an ortho- or satellite photo as well as the digital terrain model, represented by layer lines. The line thickness of the pipelines is displayed weighted by diameter and is colored differently depending on the supply area (pressure zone). The important plant components (wells, pumping stations, elevated tanks, pressure reducing valves, booster stations) are highlighted.

  • New pipelines can thus be created efficiently and existing ones can be edited quickly.
  • Graphical definition and modification of calculation parameters (open/closed valves, characteristic curves, speed and pump status, valve settings, switching points) is thus easily possible.

Clear presentation of results of all load cases

Stationary calculation results are displayed by the integrated program Surfer with A4 or A3 graphics.

  • Pressure ratios are clearly displayed by isobars.
  • Flow velocities or flow rates can be displayed with the pipeline network. The flow direction is indicated by arrows.

Daily flow calculations are represented by hydrographs for pressure and flow rate and water levels with the Timwin program.

  • Hydrants basic protection single calculation: Display of the withdrawal rate in l/min (m³/h), residual pressure at the pipe at the hydrant. Information on critical pressure at high points. All results by symbols and texts in the calculation network plan (AutoCAD or BricsCAD drawing, as *.PDF or SHAPE).
  • Hydrants object protection load case calculation: Display with sum of the withdrawal capacity with simultaneous withdrawal, freely selectable from up to 4 hydrants. Graphic with residual pressure conditions at this load in the entire zone.

Hydraulic length profile

The longitudinal section with terrain profile and the pressure lines is created directly from the NESEI hydraulic database.

Program versions

NESEI GK - Large compact version: compiled for 30,000 nodes or strings, single user or network version.

NESEI KK - Small compact version: compiled for 2,000 nodes or strings, single user or network version.

NESEI Viewer Plus Version: for comfortable query of calculation results and calculation of load cases with the existing pipe network (1st license for calculations, 2nd single workstation license corresponds to NESEI Viewer Classic).

NESEI Viewer Classic: for comfortable query of calculation results (1 license for 2 single workstations).

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