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Node Designer Application - NESEI

The NESEI Node Designer is an application that automatically determines the required pipe connections on the basis of freely programmable logical rules. It is an add-on module to SETEC's self-developed hydraulic software NESEI. The Node Designer contains a graphic interface with the BRICSCAD© software, which creates a schematic drawing of each network node. The graphical output shows the essential parameters of the node, such as node number, neighbourhood node, pipe diameter, pipe material and fitting list including sums and corresponding sizes. The pressure class of the fittings is determined by the software based on the results of the hydraulic calculation. Changes can be made directly in the software by adding or deleting pipe fittings. The node design can be done for both large and small scales by selecting predefined areas (e.g. supply areas, pressure zone, DMA).

The fittings are automatically counted based on an MS Excel© source list of the pipe material. Any customised list can be imported into the Node Designer via an integrated interface.  SETEC Engineering uses a source list exported from the AUER Success© software, a widely used and well-known software for the automated creation of tenders and bills of quantities. With the NESEI software and the Node Designer add-on, SETEC Engineering has developed a new tool that combines the essential steps of the planning and procurement process (elaboration of the hydraulic concept and modelling, detailed design and Bill of Quantities) in one software.  SETEC is thus able to deliver all necessary planning documents with high accuracy, quickly and efficiently.

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