Rohrnetzberechnung und Kalibrierungsmessungen

Pipe location

Pig immersion method

The pig immersion method is used for locating non-metallic pipelines such as PE, PVC or AZ. Pipelines made of such materials cannot be located using conventional electromagnetic location methods. ...
Project video and drone inspection Serbia

Video documentation WWTP Krusevac

The WWTP Krusevac is an activated sludge plant with subsequent sludge drying and biogas plant. The plant is designed for 90 thousand PE. Implementation has been carried out under the frame of FIDIC...
Hydraulic software product


NESEI (Network analysis Setec International) is a software package consisting of several subprograms for hydraulic simulation and analysis of water and gas supply networks. For the efficient recor...
Node Designer

Node Designer Application - NESEI

The NESEI Node Designer is an application that automatically determines the required pipe connections on the basis of freely programmable logical rules. It is an add-on module to SETEC's self-devel...
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